PURPLE BELT (Intermediate)

Purple belt is when you should be working on perfecting your basics while at the same time developing your own personal style. Focus should be specifically on making yourself well-rounded and comfortable working from all positions. As your skills develop emphasis on transitioning from position to position or submission to submission during this level.


1) Thai/Roundhouse kick defense

Thai clinch escapes-

2)  Duck under 

3)  Windshield wiper 

4)  Elbow drag-knee


5)  Elbows from clinch

6)  Head butt

7)  Thai clinch drag followed by knees


8)  Basic Double (Leg Swing)

9)  Basic Double w/ hook trip

10)  Inside Leg trip


11)  Underhook leg to foot kick out sweep– Outside lift

12)  Rip downStep thru, spin back to foot sweep 

13)  Whip downPinch leg between knees, step out, step back 

14)  RicksonOff step back and/or punch

15)  Firemans Carry (BJJ version)

16)  Ankle/knee pick from Cobra (Step out-cross drag leg)

17)  Tai Otoshi (Body Drop)

18)  Bully roll

19)  Sacrifice Throw (Elevator)



20)  TNT hip drive

21)  Hip Jack-to heel hook)


22)  Figure 4 Japanese armbar

23)  Kneeling armbar

24)  Mounted triangle  

25)  Roll-under triangle                                                                                                 

26)  Who’s your Daddy to Arm Triangle      

27)  Who’s your Daddy to Armbar

28)  Naked neck crank

29)  Double elbow trap/step up neck crank

30)  Knee on belly transitions

31)  Defense to knee on belly (Pop and Go)


32)  Dooms Day pass

33)  Black belt pass

34)  Captain Morgan pass (outside w/ hip crank)

35)  Knee squeeze/Windshield Wiper pass

36)  Standing Sit back pass

37)  Butterfly Guard Knee Smash pass

38)  Butterfly Guard Leap Frog pass

39)  Butterfly “Up and Over” pass (Jump to side control)

40)  Elvis arm bar

41)  Omoplata

42)  Naked neck crank

43)  Transition from triangle to arm bar

44)  T-roll sweep

45)  Butterfly Ankle dump

46)  Heel Hook (Inside Guard and from Guard)

47) Reverse Heel Hook (Inside Guard)

48)  Russian Shoelace (Inside Guard)

49)  Standing Ankle lock (Inside Guard)

50)  Rolling Toe hold (Inside Guard)

Side Control

51)  Kimura Compression (Forearm Crush)

52)  Kimura (Torque Kimura)


53)  Power arm bar from Knee on Belly

54)  Step over Power Arm bar 

55)  Modified Americana 

56)  Arm crush

57)  Triangle Neck Crank (outside leg head hook)

58)  Reverse Mount Transition to foot lock


59)  Kick back pass

60)  Heel Hook (From inside opponents Half Guard)

61)  Toe Hold (Top and bottom position)

62)  Knee bar (Shin thru, Sit out, Peel back w/ leg from Reverse Kesa)


63)  Knee bar variations (Turtle, Outside Guard, Inside Guard)


64)  Step over Armbar counter 

Von Flue Guillotine counter-   

65) Guard

66) Half Guard

67)  Side Control

68)  Choke arm lockout (Seat belt reversal)- (over shoulder)

69)  Power Arm bar (Seat belt reversal)- (Kimura grip)

70)  Knee separator as Ankle lock defense

71)  Ankle lock counter (“Switch”)

72)  Heel Hook- Roll-out defense

73)  Reverse Heel Hook- Roll out defense

74)  Can Opener counter- (Double arm bar)

Knee bar defenses-  

75)  Figure 4 flip to knees

76)  Knee hug


             *Student will also be evaluated on skill and technique during live wrestling