BLACK BELT (Professor)

As you train and prepare for your Black belt your goal is to be a complete Martial Artist. This includes a comprehensive understanding and highly proficient in all positions, concepts, leverage, self-defense.

1) Striking / Striking defense and evasion

2) Standing self-defense

3) Takedowns / Throws (No Gi)

4) Takedowns / Throws (Gi)

5) Punch evasion from standing and ground positions

6) Position maintenance and control

7) Submissions from all positions

8) Submission defense from all positions


Instruction Proficiency – 100 hrs BJJ / 25 hrs MMA


1)  Standing Anaconda

2)  Bouncer choke

3)  Stop kick- Front Push kick

4)  Stop kick- Upper Leg

5)  Irimi-Nage

6)  Underhook-Frame Lockdown-Knees-Step over arm bar


Weapon Defense

Knife-   7)  Frontal static disarm

              8)  Front stab (Kote Gaeshi)

              9)  Shank

             Overhand stab-

             10)  Close range (Americana)

             11)  Far range (Sankyo)


             12)  Shionage (bent arm) /

              13)  Shionage-nage (straight arm)

              14)  Back-hand slash

              15)  Hostage position

              16)  Knife in waist

 Gun-   17)  Frontal static disarm

             18)  Side of head from side (Both arms)

             19)  Hostage position

             20)  Back of head

             21)  Mid-back (Forearm chop)

             22)  Low back (Kote Gaeshi)

             23)  Gun in waist

Mount (Bottom position)

24)  Last Resort escape (Roll to knees)

Mount (Top position)

25)  Kimura

26)  Mounted Gogoplata

27)  MMA Armbar

28)  Arm Triangle off punch from bottom opponent

29)  Rickson RNC


30)  Baseball Slide pass

31)  Criss-Cross pass

32)  Clock Pass- Pin wrist, trap arm under body

33)  X-Guard defense- Foot lock

34)  Hip Pin Triangle defense

35)  Lock down escapes

1) Egg beater

2) Butterfly lock

Back Control

36)  B.A.T. Choke (Slide off back control to Half Guard lockdown arm triangle)

37)  Armbar to Side Triangle

38)  Crossbow Choke

Leg Lock proficiency

39)  Heel hook to Knee bar to Calf Cutter

40)  50/50 defense- Foot lock or Reverse Heelhook

41)  Standing knee bar defense to Toe hold

Drill proficiency

- Multiple opponent defense- Standing (3 opponents same time) *2 minutes

- Freestyle weapon defense (Gun and Knife) *2 minutes

- MMA application- Ground (1 minute per opponent / 5 opponents) *5 minutes

- 2-minute Leg Lock flow

*Student will also be evaluated on skill and technique during live wrestling