Rigan Machado

Rigan Machado

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Legend / 8th Degree Black Belt

“Scott is one of my very best students. He is incredibly technical with both his execution and instruction of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I recommend his videos very highly to any level practitioner.”

Edwin "Bam Bam" Dewees

UFC Veteran, TUF Veteran, RITC Champion, M1 Global Champion

“Scott Tannenbaum’s approach to BJJ is the reason he has been my coach for years because it is a no nonsense approach. It’s not just the thousands of moves that he shows but all the small details that really makes a difference and honestly the moves I’ve been doing for years he tuned up with his attention to detail and made them 100 times better. Anyone serious about BJJ needs to learn from Scott.”

Joe "Diesel" Riggs

UFC Veteran, Bellator Champion, M1 Global Champion

"Scott has the highest level of BJJ that I have experienced. As long as I’ve been training he has revolutionized my BJJ in a short time. Learn from the best right here!"

Experience Quality

Hundreds of training videos and more than 30 hours of the most detailed instruction from Blue through Black belt (16yrs-Adult) and Gray through Green for our Youth members! Our modules are extremely high quality all shot in 1080 dpi (High Definition) with exceptional sound quality that makes them easy to see and hear details. Each technique is performed multiple times with additional zoom and angles to provide the viewer with the best possible vantage points on important details. You will feel as if you are sitting right there on the mats learning. The advantage will be that you can rewind and refer to each technique whenever you wish. The modules are specifically designed as a building block. Each section and each belt level will build upon the foundation of the previous and give you all the tools you need from the bottom up to become a highly skilled practitioner and instructor.

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Instructor Certification

Instructor Certifications are available to those who hold a minimum rank of Purple belt. To qualify participants must have previously passed their belt evaluation and be an active member. Once qualified the participant is required to attend our Instructor Certification Program. This is a one-time Certification Course on technique instruction, rank requirements and instruction skills. Upon graduation, participant will receive either an Instructor Diploma / Affiliate Academy Certificate. Purple belt instructors can award promotional stripes to White belt students. Brown belts can test and award Blue belt rank and Black belt (Professor rank) can test and award up to Brown belt.